Is Made in USA molle gear really better?

It’s a reasonable question in these times when so much of the textiles world is focused in the Far East. I spent much of my time at this year’s Shot Show in Orlando confirming my convictions. This is how I make my living after all. So I set out to talk to my Made in USA vendors of nylon, velcro, snaps, buckles, zippers, and others.

I made my rounds and clearly re-affirmed my belief that when it comes to durability, abrasion resitance, breakage, and IR reduction, you can’t beat Made in the USA mil spec product. The reality is that when you buy or look at something made in Vietnam, China, or elsewhere, they look good to the eye. But does in hold up in the theatre? Most of it wouldn’t hold up through two weeks of training. Going to play paintabll this weekend? Knock yourself out champ.

Our men and women in the battlefield know that you wouldn’t put your life on the line with this stuff. So many of our military are engaged in training the forces of other countries around the world. Ask them if they would trade gear with their co-horts. Only if it was their last day on tour and it was an act of sympathy.

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