What do we check during inspection?

In the custom sewn business, it would be great if there was a standard checklist for every finished product. However, each product is different will have its own specific criteria.

Without giving away all of our secrets, here is a standard list of things we check to ensure a quality product.

Fit: Does the item the bag/pouch is designed to hold fit properly inside

Placement of Parts (web, veclro, snaps, etc): At mark or within tolerance allowed

Seam Allowances:  typically 3/16” on all products; seams are to be within +/- 1/16”.

Cuts – cuts in material flaws, crooked cuts, ragged cuts

Snaps/Rivets – set in wrong position, missed hole, machine not set correctly

Closing Stitches: in the same line as the binding stitches on the front and back of the product.

Bartacks: check location; placement is critical, can cause some items to be too small

Tension and Thread Clipping:  Stitches should be tight and the tension should be set so you cannot see the loop of the top and bottom threads. Threads clipped to within tolerance.

Stitch Length – typically 7-11 stitches/inch

Binding – not applied correctly, loose, smashed, uneven, not caught on both sides, overlapped binding not covered.

Programmable stitching – out of bobbin thread, missing bartack, tacked in wrong position, located part in wrong position, tack chewed up binding.

Remember, it’s always best to have a second sets of eyes inspect.

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